My theory on KFP locations.


Hey guys,  today I was watching kfp2 (for the thousandth time) I was watching the scene when Shen was looking at his map. And I have a little theory about the location and direction (which is never really revealed) So, here’s it.
If you look closely at it, you’ll noticed that there are small figures of 2 individual buildings on the map. One is the Tower of Sacred Flames, as you know.


And the another one one is probably the Jade Palace.


Now if you ask how do I know this, you see there’s a river going right down to the Gongmen city. And Po and the Furious Five went through a river to reach the Gongmen City.


You see, that the palace shown in the map is in the north and Shen’s tower is in the south. Plus, it took a long time for Po and the Furious Five to reach Gongmen.

I am not sure if it’s the Jade Palace or not, but I have a feeling that it is. I mean, look at the figure, it’s pretty small in the image but you can see that it a green building with three floors, which kinda resembles it to be the Jade Palace.

Plus, since the Jade Palace is kinda important place (since it’s the palace of late Oogway) it’s not a surprise to have it on the map of China, since the Tower of Sacred Flames which was once the Kung Fu Council is also there. The Jade Palace and the Tower of Sacred Flames are the only two kung fu headquarters mentioned in the movie, so it’s possible to have both of them on the map of China.


In the third movie, Shifu mentioned, “Master Lizard, Master Ox, Master Eagle. In every village from sea to here, every master in China has banished.”
Well, I donno about the rest of the three, but Master Ox is a residential of Gongmen. And since Gongmen is located near the see coast (as mentioned in the map) I think the Valley of Peace might be located in the northern-west and Gongmen in the Southern-east (I am sorry, I am really bad at finding direction, if I made a mistake in the directions plz correct me)

Still I am not fully sure, but that at least what I think and that’s my theory. If there’s some mistakes in the directions, plz correct me guys.