Due to recent events and attacks on a fellow whumper, I have a few things to say.

1. I’m so proud of all of you who were willing to stand with her. I’m so proud of the people who were proud of the people who were willing to help. We take care of each other and thats one of the billions of reasons why I love this community.

2. If you are receiving hate like that, say something. Don’t go it alone. Message someone. My inboxes are ALWAYS open and I know a few people who would say the exact same thing. And something my dad always says is “If you watch wild cats hunt, you’ll notice that they get one alone because it’s easier to kill that way.” And what he’s saying is, don’t try to deal with something alone. Talk to us. If you’re not a whumper and you just happened to have found this post, my statement stands. If you’re receiving hate, message me. Tell somebody. 

3. No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, food preference, show preference, music taste, any of it… you matter. You are so damn important and you have no idea what you could mean to someone. You could be their whole world and not know it. Some asshole on anon or even face to face either doesn’t know you or has something going on in their life and they’re just projecting it onto you. You. MATTER.

4. If you’ve been dealing with this a long time and you’re considering committing suicide and you’re looking for a sign not to do it: HERE IT IS, BEAUTIFUL! We’re here for you. Don’t get alone because it’s easier to be hunted that way. Unless you’re roleplaying with a consenting partner, then get yo freaky on, babe. Treat yo self.

Buuuuuut at the end of the day: YOU MATTER!!!!!!!!!!